LAN Awards

Recognising notable milestones at the target zone.
First LAN: DasLAN, hosted by Afro_DooD, 28 Feb 2003

Smallest LAN: DasLAN (4 but 3 gaming), hosted by Afro_DooD, 28 Feb 2003

Biggest LAN: StudioLAN (15 gamers but 12 on the network), hosted by Afro_DooD, 23 Nov 2013

Host of the most: JRUDMAN for hosting the largest number of LANs to date (18; as at 31 Oct 2015)

Repeat attender: Gandalf for the highest number of deployments to date (62; as at 31 Oct 2015)

First LAN with a dedicated server: SamboServeLAN, hosted by JRUDMAN, 12 Apr 2008

First LAN with No CRT's: WaxedArseLAN, hosted by JRUDMAN, 21 Feb 2009

Achievement Medals

Awarded to individuals for first deployment of a technology at a LAN.
First Laptop: Pommie Legend, VindalooLAN, 28 Apr 2003

First Netbook: Mauke_warrior (Acer Aspire One), NO-BBQLAN, 1 Nov 2008

First Apple hardware: Kilojoule (Macbook dual booting XP), PopeLAN, 17 May 2008

First Shuttle: Enraged Stoat, Hobbit-LAN, 28 Oct 2012

First LCD: Rune, Renovation_LAN, 14 Jan 2005

First widescreen LCD: Larrylowspec, PopeLAN, 17 May 2008

First gaming on a plasma: JRUDMAN, NewSpawn LAN, 12 Aug 2006

First 64-bit CPU: JRUDMAN (AMD Athlon 64 3200+), MayDayLAN, 3 May 2004

First Dual Core CPU: FreddyK (AMD Opteron 170), Old BastardsLAN, 4 Nov 2006

First Quad Core CPU: JRUDMAN (Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300), Great Southern LAN, 26 Jul 2008

First watercooled rig: Larrylowspec, PopeLAN, 17 May 2008

First DDR3 ram: Beorn (1x2GB), IgrsanaLAN, 20 Dec 2008

First PCIe grfx card: Narsil (6600GT), Boys-Basement_LAN, 27 Aug 2005

First DX10 grfx card: Pommie Legend (8600GTS), eweLAN, 7 Jul 2007

First dual grfx card (SLI/X-Fire): FreddyK (2x XFX 8800GTS 320MB XXX in SLI), BigScreenEnvyLAN, 27 Sep 2009

First 1TB+ HDD (int): Narsil, WaxedArseLAN, 21 Feb 2009

First 1TB+ HDD (ext): HeMan and JRUDMAN, TheBigThawLAN, 22 Aug 2009

First eSATA HDD: Gandalf (300GB via NexStar "toaster"), TheBigThawLAN, 22 Aug 2009

First SSD: Enraged Stoat (2x64GB OCZ Vertex in RAID0), TheBigThawLAN, 22 Aug 2009

First wireless mouse or keyboard: JRUDMAN (Microsoft Wireless Mouse), BBQLAN, 3 May 2004 (or earlier)

First flexible hardware: Mauke_warrior (keyboard), Easter LAN, 22 Mar 2008

First gaming on Vista: FreddyK, Great Southern LAN, 26 Jul 2008 (or earlier)

First gaming on Windows 7 (RC): FreddyK, TheBigThawLAN, 22 Aug 2009

First gaming on Windows 8: (not awarded, nobody should be running Windows 8!)

First gaming on Windows 10: probably HBN2 LAN (we forgot), 31 Oct 2015

First gaming on Windows 11: Gandalf and HeMan, Guy Fawkes LAN, 5 Nov 2022

First touchscreen gaming: HeMan (iPad), Igrsana2LAN, 11 Dec 2010

MacGyver Ingenuity Award

Recognising unique problem solving skills benefiting the individual or clan.
For unorthadox storage solution: Kilojoule (a digital camera), Great Southern LAN, 26 Jul 2008

For last minute LAN connectivity: Gandalf & Enraged Stoat (cable & crimping skills), StudioLAN, 23 Nov 2013

Champion Chef Citation

Awarded for outstanding one-off or frequent culinary excellence by the host at the target zone.
FreddyK for legendary BBQ's and salads. Notably incl lamb and venison, Igrsana2LAN, 11 Dec 2010

Afro_DooD for epic spreads of sushi. Notably with crayfish and whitebait off the BBQ, StudioLAN, 23 Nov 2013

JRUDMAN for a majestic mountain of meat (we think this even tops his effort in 2020 and 2021!), Guy Fawkes LAN, 5 Nov 2022

Purple Heart

Presented to those wounded during the course of a LAN deployment.
For personal injury during deployment: FreddyK (headshot by table), Winter_LAN, 18 Jun 2005

Wooden Spoon of Woe

"SPAWNPOINT, we have a problem!" The Wooden Spoon of Woe is dished up on those occasions. ;)
For inadequate hardware: Afro_DooD (that's a modem not an ethernet port), DasLAN, 28 Feb 2003

For venue fail: Afro_DooD (insufficient chairs requiring gas heater usage), HouseWarmingLAN, 25 Jun 2004

For insufficient hardware: Larrylowspec (a solitary usb stick), HapukaLAN, 16 Oct 2005

For multiple venue fails: Afro_DooD (desk space, cabling, no PC), StudioLAN, 23 Nov 2013