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A Firefox Add-on created by Omar Khan
with contributions by Chris Noble and Alexander Chernykh

Most recent version:  1.1.6  - Jan 29, 2012

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Works with

Firefox 1.5 - 10.* (and higher)

(Note: As of Firefox 10, most add-ons (including ImagePref) are now compatible with newer versions of Firefox by default. See: release notes and/or MozillaWiki.)


ImagePref allows the user to show or hide images using a toolbar button, status bar icon or the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+Shift+L"

(Note: This is a new keyboard shortcut since v1.1.4. As of Firefox 8, Ctrl+Shift+I opens the DOM Inspector and thus conflicts with the original ImagePref keyboard shortcut, hence the change.)

Toolbar button:

ImagePref toolbar button

Keyboard shortcut:



None - sorry! See the disclaimer below.


I am not an add-on developer and had no part in the creation of this add-on. Furthermore, I make no claim to any credit for this add-on. My involvement has been some simple modifications to the source code to make this add-on work with newer versions of Firefox after the creator (Omar Khan) ended his support of it. Omar has kindly given me permission (via email) to update the add-on, and since it no longer has a home in the official Firefox Add-ons site, I've created this page for it. As a result of my very limited involvement, I am not offering any support for ImagePref. If you like it and it works for you, fantastic! If not, I suggest you try a different add-on offering similar functionality (see below).

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