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A brief checklist before you deploy to the next LAN and what your gear bag should contain.

» Preparation

- Clean and Defrag your drive - helps speed up access times and is good housekeeping
- Do a FULL VIRUS SCAN. Bring a nasty to a LAN and you'll be very unpopular!
- Free up space for your new downloads ;)
- INSTALL GAMES - see the campaigns page (patches and add-ons will be on the network)
- Install latest drivers (eg graphics) and P2P software (eg PhantomDC++)

- Firewall: disable it, or configure home network access for the IP range
  (we'll manually set your IP address at the LAN to avoid "limited connectivity" issues)
- P2P: in .PhantomDC the following helps your client run smoothly: set your IP number as per the
  LAN setting, uncheck "enable safe and compressed transfers" (advanced settings), uncheck
  "enable hashing" (BCDC++), and uncheck "enable transfer rate limiting" (bandwidth limiting)

» Gear Bag

You will need at least the following;
- Computer with network card - preferrably a Gigabit adapter
- Monitor
- Power cords for the above, also plugboard and/or double adapter/extension cord
- Network cable, 3m minimum (straight through/crossover ok, cat-5/6 for Gigabit)
- Keyboard+mouse (+ your favourite mouse surface, provided it's not your desk)
- HEADPHONES (+ extension cord as your box will be on the floor)
- Sufficient beverages & snacks to get you through the event

Get a harness, seriously! These are super for getting to and from LANs:

Thermaltake Xaser Bag

Available from Ascent
Caseace Geargrip Pro

If you can find one!
And the following may come in handy;
- A few $ for pizza etc
- Joystick/wheel if necessary
- CDs for OS/games etc (you never know when you'll need a system rebuild!)
- In case of rebuild, your favourite boot/recovery disks and drivers
- Spares (eg network cables) come in handy for failures or for someone who forgot!

» Target Zone

The host will organise/provide;
- A switch (or two maybe) - see JRUDMAN or Gandalf for the hardware
- Tables: the SPAWNPOINT clan owns 4 trestle tables
- Enough chairs for the attendees (gas heaters may be used as a substitute!)
- A roof over the event and somewhere suitable for cooling beverages ;)

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