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Welcome to SPAWNPOINT unknown soldier!

Please identify yourself to submit/update your 'blueprint'. New recruits should contact Gandalf to register.

This location is a small fragment of the web dedicated to our LAN Parties WTF?

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» Our last event: HBN50 LAN - 29 Oct 2016

Happy birthday FreddyK! JR hosted another fun evening featuring some great gameplay in our all-time favourite maps, a fantastic feed, some old-school music and cake!

See the debrief page for more details about this and previous SPAWNPOINT LANs.

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Got something to say? Email Gandalf. If you don't know how, you shouldn't be doing it!

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A LAN Party is a gathering of people with their computers which are hooked up to a Local Area Network (LAN) primarily to play multiplayer games, especially first person shooter games such as Call of Duty. LANs vary in size from small, like SPAWNPOINT (5-10), to massive such as 'The Gathering' (5000+). These events are ideal for showing off new hardware and modifications. The historical rationale behind LAN Parties is that internet gaming introduces too much lag affecting game performance, but probably more appealing is getting together with mates, trash-talking each other during gaming, and the all important consumption of large quantities of food and drink!

The Gathering 2005
The Gathering (TG) 2005. Five days of computer fun in Norway for 5200 attendees.

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